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Hydra Epic trail - a 11 year product of many searchings and adventures. The trail starts in camping on the lakeside of Vištytis, near the border of Poland and Russia, almost fully repeats the nearby water lines of rivers Nemunas, Neris or Žeimena, touching the best of nature parks, then lastly crosses the famous Gražutė regional park and ends with even more scenery in Zarasai, near the border of Latvia. It traverses Lithuania from south to north-east. The route has both technical cross country singletracks and gravel parts, which go through most beautiful lithuanian cities and countryside towns. Have some of best times exploring exquisite Lithuania's nature and challenge yourself in endurance at the same time! Along the trail you will also have to visit two biggest cities in Lithuania: Kaunas and capital Vilnius - for sure you will be surprised how close singletracks and city centers can be and at the same time how beautiful and untouched nature is in Lithuania!

85% offroad tracks, 15% road tracks and total 99% rideable.